Compare contrast activities with music lyrics

Want endless, free compare contrast essay activities using rap and song lyrics? Instead of boring nonfiction passages, compare and contrast theme and main idea in a rap and the original song lyrics that inspired it!

Print the rap and song lyrics below and play the music aloud as students write comparative essays to compare and contrast the lyrics of the rap somng and the original song that inspired it!

  • Changes – Tupac
  • The Way it Is – Bruce Hornsby

Want students to practice compare contrast reading response using the above rap and song lyrics and a total of 14 music videos (7 activities)? Download my no prep music as poetry lesson plan with common core standards, bell ringer, mini-lesson, guided practice, independent practice, exit slip, early finisher activity, printable student handouts and answer keys below.


Download my print and go music as poetry lesson to effortlessly keep reluctant readers, students with attention challenges and ADHD, struggling learners, students with reading disabilities and all students engaged!

Why wait? Students can master comparative paragraphs or compare contrast reading response essays with these fun printable music as poetry activities.

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