Do your students need more practice identifying claims and evidence?Instead of boring nonfiction passages, identify claims and text evidence in music lyrics!

Even though identifying claims and evidence is a reading informational text skill, you can introduce, practice and assess student’s ability to identify argument, claims and relevant text evidence using any poem, song, rap or music lyrics.

Print the music lyrics below and play the songs aloud as students infer the “arguments” and “evidence” in the song lyrics.

Want to effortlessly teach identifying claims and evidence using the above song lyrics? Download my no prep music as poetry lesson plan with common core standards, bell ringer, mini-lesson, guided practice, independent practice, exit slip, early finisher activity, printable student handouts and answer keys below.

Download! No Prep Lesson, Handouts & Answer Key:

Download my print and go music as poetry lesson to effortlessly keep reluctant readers, students with attention challenges and ADHD, struggling learners, students with reading disabilities and all students engaged!

Want more no prep downloads?

Why wait? Teach students and give repeated, guided practice identifying claims and evidence in nonfiction texts or works of literature with these fun printable music as poetry activities.

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