Work Life Balance


5 simple habits to make time for peace of mind!

1. Don’t Take Work Home

  • Maximize “free” planning periods
    • Don’t waste “free” periods or lunch socializing or procrastinating
    • Complete at least one lesson during every free period during the day.
    • Divide responsibilities between yourself and your teaching team early in the year so you don’t waste time “collaborating.”
    • Working individually on separate lessons is more efficient than multiple teachers planning one lesson.
    • If you cannot get all planning done during the day, commit 1-2 days a week to stay late to plan ahead: On Thursday, plan Monday and Tuesday lessons so you can enjoy your weekend. On Monday, plan lessons for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Keep it simple! Don’t over-think lessons!
    • Play an educational video instead of giving a traditional mini-lesson or lecture.
    • Map out a 180-day unit plan before the beginning of the year by choosing one common core standard (academic skill) for each day.
    • Turn the common core standard into one or more question(s) students can answer to show mastery.
    • Choose any content (novel, song lyrics, printable nonfiction article, poem, short film) for students to practice the daily common core standard by answering the aligned question(s).
    • Download inspirational, no prep ELA lessons at my TpT store!

2. Make “Me” Time Sacred

  • You wouldn’t let a day of playing “hookie” go to waste, so don’t waste the 5 – 8 hours worth of time you have after-school to enjoy.
  • Appreciate your “ME” hours:
    • 8 hours from 3pm – 11pm
    • 5 hours from 5pm -10pm
  • Schedule after school activities make time for fulfilling, passion-driven activities:
    • Picnic in the park
    • Throw a dinner party
    • Host a movie or TV “screening”
    • Cook or bake with friends
    • Start a book club
    • Take a yoga class
    • Join a sports league
    • Run in the park
    • Go ice skating, hiking, apple-picking, kayaking..
    • Visit a museum, zoo, botanical garden..
    • Paint, knit, make jewelry..
    • Write your memoirs
    • Meditate

3. Make Your Commute Sacred

  • Don’t make your commute stressful! Make it a sacred time to relax!
    • Read
    • Meditate
    • Listen to an enlightening or interesting podcast
    • Listen to a book on tape
    • Get excited: Write down personal, financial and travel goals.

4. Make Meal-Time Enjoyable

  • Cook a large meal on Saturday or Sunday that will last the week.
  • Freeze and microwave delicious breakfast, lunch and dinners that you enjoyed making over the weekend.
  • Grab weekday breakfast and lunch without wasting time or money every morning.
  • Enjoy grocery shopping and cooking with a friend so it is an event instead of a chore.
  • Breakfast ideas: Vegetable frittata, pumpkin muffins, banana bread, baked oatmeal
  • Lunch ideas: Salads! with beans, avocados, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, cranberries..

5. Meditate and Live in the Present

  • Meditation is quick and easy if you make it a daily habit
  • Simply save 5 minutes each day while you are lying in bed or on public transportation to turn off your thoughts
  • To keep your mind from wandering (or racing), focus on your breathing or your heart beating.
    • Imagine the air filling your lungs or the blood pumping from your heart through your veins
    • Most stress comes from worrying about our past or future.
  • Turn off your thoughts and focus on the sensory experience of your present reality to reduce stress.
    • Express gratitude for the calm of your present reality, focusing on the sensory experiences of your surroundings.
    • Without an inner dialogue, simply be aware of the temperatures, smells, sounds, sights, and tastes in your present moment. Do not wander to the past or future.
    • If a thought enters your mind, just let it pass
    • Ignore thoughts about the past or future and just be aware of the 5 senses of your present moment. What do you see, feel, hear, smell, tast? Observe without forming words or an inner dialogue
    • Staying 100% present everyday for longer and longer periods of time will eliminate stress and anxiety and increase overall positive emotions.
  • You can meditate laying down with eyes closed or walking around the city
  • The more you practice the longer you will be able to meditate.
  • This will increase overall peace of mind and reduce overall stress

Use these tips to prevent teacher burnout, ease teaching stress, end student misbehavior and maintain work-life balance. Download no prep ELA lessons for an entire year of print and go English Curriculum to effortlessly engage your students in academically rigorous, inspirational student activities.

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