Elaboration Practice

Do your students need repeated, guided elaboration practice for writing, reading response and literary analysis? I found it impossible to teach my students to elaborate on their argument, to support their argument with evidence and to explictly illustrate how their evidence supported their argument. They never connected the dots between their text evidence and claim. Instead, they forced the reader (a.k.a. “me”) to infer how their evidence proved their argument. In other words, they listed their argument and text evidence without analyzing or synthesizing the two.

Is effective elaboration practice possible in student writing and reading response?



I created a mnemonic “ACEPaPeR” writing, reading response and/or literary analysis checklist that finally made the light bulb go off in my students’ heads. This writing graphic organizer led to consistently successful elaboration practice and A+ papers – that were easy to read and grade!

Download my fail-proof writing guides below:

Want your students writing A+ papers – that are easy and enjoyable to read and grade? Enjoy my FREE printable writing checklists and discount bundles for an entire year of NO PREP print & go elaboration practice and student writing activities.

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