Reduce Teacher Stress and Anxiety


Want a cure for the Sunday Scaries? Meditate on inspirational and motivational quotes that will ease the anxiety produced when you worry about student misbehavior, or administrator judgments about your teaching ability. Meditate on inspirational quotes every morning to increase calm, confidence, joy and gratitude. What better way to bring this practice into your classroom than to start every class period with an inspirational quote bell ringer and discussion to build reading comprehension, paraphrase and analysis skills? Download my 60 bell ringers or 180 bell ringer bundle!

If you are still overwhelmed with lesson-planning, find print and go ELA lesson plans, student handouts, writing units, novel studies, bell ringers, task cards, sports and video-game themed reading response activities, short film student-led lessons and more at my TpT store. Prevent teacher burnout and student misbehavior with engaging lessons and inspirational student activities.

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