Everything A Teacher Needs for Positive Work & Home Life

Enjoy priceless teaching tips and free activity ideas for in and out of the classroom!

Classroom Management Tip

The “pause” is your best friend. Avoid anger, threats, disrespect and lack of control by simply refusing to speak unless you have 100% of your student’s attention. Stop and pause until every pair of eyes is on you. Pause out of a place of care and mutual respect, not frustration or impatience. Pretend you cannot imagine a world where a student would intentionally not listen to you. Know that you have your student’s best intentions in mind when you plan your lessons and that every student simply must reap the benefits of your hard work. Pause, smile wait to speak, and repeat!

Instructional Strategy 

The easiest way to differentiate in a classroom is to let a child know ahead of time that you will call on them. As you circulate, use a whisper or a post-it to inform a struggling student that they should be prepared to read page 10 aloud or share their answer to #6 . Many struggling students live in fear of being cold-called. When you consistently give these students time to prepare in advance, you free them from anxiety and allow them to experience academic success and confidence.

CCSS-aligned Video Activity

Play the Kid President “Pep Talk” video and either provide a half sheet prompt or ask students to copy the following prompt into their notebooks: “How will YOU give someone a reason to dance today (and everyday)?” Want to use short films EVERY day to teach EVERY common core reading and writing skill? CLICK HERE.

Screen shot 2017-08-20 at 2.26.40 PM

Inspirational Bell Ringer: Paraphrase a Quote

A great way to start any class is to have students paraphrase a quote. This builds close reading and analysis skills while also setting a positive tone for the remainder of the class. Ask students to paraphrase the quote’s meaning in their own words: 

“When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.” Dean Jackson


Work-Life Balance

Remember your higher purpose for yourself and your students and do not let day-to-day misbehavior destroy your inner peace and joy. Remember your favorite teachers. Do you remember their classroom mangament skills or lessons? No. You remember how they genuinely cared about their students. Take a deep breath and do the same.

Is anxiety, work stress, insecurity or dread making it impossible to enjoy teaching? EFT or “tapping” is an evidence-based technique that uses brain plasticity and acupressure to  literally “tap” into the part of your brain that causes fear, the amygdala. The amygdala has kept humans alive for thousands of years by causing the fight or flight response in the face of real danger. However,in the 21st century brain, the amygdala is also responsible for debilitating work and social anxiety and irrational fears. EFT tapping allows you to calm the amygdala when it is giving you irrational anxiety. Learn how to tap away anxiety, insecurity, doubt and fear from EFT expert, Jackie Viramontez: CLICK HERE.

Screen shot 2015-09-21 at 6.31.32 PM

Hopefully this post brings the joy back into your teaching and non-teaching life. Subscribe for weekly ways to prevent teacher burn out, stop student misbehavior, increase student engagement, master classroom management, AND erase anxiety!!


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